Bilview Energy Limited

Bilview Energy Limited was registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the 9th November, 1995, beginning of operations on the 28th January 2005, as a privately held company, with majority distribution of shares of about N30, 000,000.00 owned by Nigerian Nationals.

Bilview Energy Limited is pleased to offer world class Geophysical and Geological Services to the Oil and Gas Industry through our state-of-the-art facility and best ...Discover More

Bilview Engergy Limited Nigeria Well Logs Data

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Bilview Energy Limited is licensed by the NIGERIA COMMUNICATION COMMISSION (NCC) to render the Satellite Telecommunication,Internet Services....Discover More


Bilview Energy Limited is licensed by the NIGERIA ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION (NERC) as a Meter Asset Providers (MAP), to carry out importation of PREPAID AND SMART METERS with the....Discover More


BilviewEnergy Limited also offers top quality services for the Oil and Gas and technology industry, Environmental, Oil Field Equipment, Pipeline, Cables,Power, Tubular Products and Rig ...Discover More

Reservoir Studies and Optimisation

Bilview Energy Limited carries out reservoir studies and reservoir optimisation activities to locate; characterise and optimise oil and gas reservoirs. The company...Discover More

Drilling and Production Services

Bilview Energy provides world class Oil and Gas Drilling services for Land and Offshore Operations including Rig Supply, Hoisting and Operations, using state of the art drilling technologies ...Discover More

Offshore Marine Services

Bilview Energy provide expert guidance and consultancy on complex marine operations, responding with valid manning solutions whether short or long term, and ad hoc or permanent, ranging from...Discover More

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This compact High Definition video recorder is a game changer for mobile security and surveillance and has already been integrated for use by the most advanced security forces world over. It boosts of ...Discover More


The device is IP68 rated Outdoor day and night Bullet Network camera with megapixel CMOS sensor. The bullet network camera has up to 50m IR illumination distance. With high performance...Discover More


Our car navigation GPS/ TABLET is a state of the art personal navigator device that operates using the Global Position Satellite System (GPS) designed by the US Defense Department but ...Discover More


SPECIFICATIONS: MEASUREMENT, Accuracy Active - Class 1 Reactive - Class 2 Standard Complies with IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21, IEC62053-23 Service type 3 phase, 4 wire; Direct ...Discover More

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